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eldercare needs in Islesboro, Maine

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Founded in 2003 with a mission to make it possible for our elders to remain here on Islesboro with dignity and comfort as members of our island community, we built and began operating Boardman Cottage, an assisted living home for eight residents, in the summer of 2005.

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Since then, we have made it possible for elderly islanders to remain here and receive the daily help they need, either at Boardman Cottage or in their own homes, and we have provided end-of-life hospice care for many of them. The Boardman Cottage story is best told in this short film about our island community and those who have experienced the love and care we provide. Thanks to our in-home services, seasonal residents who need help are able to return to their island homes in the summer.  We make it possible for friends and family members to visit frequently without missing work or fearing for the safety of someone they care about.  We provide island jobs with a flexible schedule, training and a career path.

Our Services

A resident at Boardman Cottage is free from anxiety about food shopping, snowy sidewalks, transportation to doctors’ appointments and housekeeping.  Boardman Cottage also offers hospice care, respite care and opportunities for temporary stays for short-term needs. Elderly islanders living at home can take advantage of our Adult Day Program or assistance in their homes through Island Neighbors Home Care (IN Home Care).


The Beacon Project is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in Maine.  Boardman Cottage operations are managed by our administrator, Maura Michael.  We have a 16 member Board of Directors.

Employment Opportunities

We are very proud of our staff of caregivers and grateful for their dedication to high standards, quality care and personal attention.  Most are island residents, and many came to Boardman Cottage with no prior experience.  Employees receive CPR and first aid training and complete a program to qualify as Certified Residential Medication Aides.  Added training and experience increase their compensation and long-term employment prospects. We offer  part-time positions or full-time employment with benefits.


As a MaineCare provider, Boardman Cottage does not earn enough revenue to cover its operating costs.  To offset this deficit, The Beacon Project raises funds through donations, various fundraising events, a furniture market, and sales of calendars and other products.  We also apply for foundation grants.  The Islesboro community supports Boardman Cottage both financially and through many volunteer activities.


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